Nuun & Nuut Dahabiyas

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Dahabiya Details

Is a passenger boat used on the river Nile in Egypt. The term is normally used to describe a shallow-bottomed, barge-like vessel with two or more sails. The vessels have been around in Ancient Egypt one for thousands of years, with similar craft being depicted on the walls of the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Sailboats were common in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century when the royal family and elite travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. They rented the boats for weeks at a time, and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The boats had four to ten cabins, bathrooms and a host of servants.

But the name Dahabiya derives from the Arabic word for "gold", owing to similar, gilded state barges used by the Muslim rulers of Egypt in the Middle Ages.

Dahabiya Nile Cruise is the greatest way to enjoy the majestic Nile River in the royal way of kings and Queens.

The dahabiyas are the way to enjoy Egypt & to feel the river Nile, and slowly blend in with the civilization around the Nile River.

Always ask to enjoy the scenery of the Nile in a calm atmosphere characterized by elegance and romantic poetic, which is available on board our Dahabiyas, Ashranda’s Dahabiyas have no motors, and only drag them "launch" from a distance so that you never feel any disturbing sounds or vibration during your trip.

Start from $300.00 / Night

  • Free WiFi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lounge
  • Dining Area